How To Factory Reset JioFi Settings?

Jiofi password and ssid changing process is very easy we can easily change jiofi password by open jiofi admin panel. Well, What should I do if I forgot my JioFi login username & password? So, this type situation we can hard reset jiofi. Now, this question is in your head, how to Reset JioFi. Although, we have mention step by step process to hard reset jiofi.

How To Factory Reset JioFi Settings?

if you don’t remember jiofi password then you can hard reset jiofi. after reset jiofi, wi-fi password is the default. You can check default password in the battery cabinet. reset jiofi

Step : 1 

Switch on jioi and open the back cover, now you can see the reset button on the side.

Step : 2 

Now, Press the reset button with sim ejector toll or any pin, you can also use your wife hair pins ( bobby pins ) 😛

Step : 3 

Jiofi will reboot and it will take 10-15 second to reset.  After, jiofi rebooted you can connect your device with jiofi by its default password & you can also change its password on jiofi.local.html admin panel.


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Here i have mentioned step by step how to reset jiofi, if still you have any question regarding jiofi reseting or jiofi you can comment below and let us know your query. We will feel glad to solve your query. Have a good day.

6 thoughts on “How To Factory Reset JioFi Settings?”

  1. I reset my jiofi but its old password which was default given in package box is not working and it’s SSID is changed from JioFi2_1C7A79 to JioFi2
    Please tell me what might be its new password

    • @Sreevarshan,
      Reset jiofi again, If your jiofi rebooted after reset than you can easily connect your jiofi with your device by default password. Thanks

    • @Rohit
      Switch on Jiofi and open the back cover, you can find reset button on right side and press it with sim elector toll. Thanks

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