How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed with These Simple hacks?

Wi-Fi speed not stable or not as promised by the internet service provider? There could be several reasons and there are several ways to fix it as well. Let’s find out what could be the possible reasons your internet speed may be sluggish, how to boost your Wi-Fi speed using simple DIY hacks. You can always contact your internet service provider’s customer support department and ask them as well but before you wait in long queues, read these hacks. You might not even need it.

Moreover, ensure by doing some thorough research that it’s not your internet service that is causing trouble to all the customers. Ask around. Also, if you are looking for our recommendation and not sure which ISP to pick for your household or business use, we won’t think twice before mentioning Mediacom cable. Check the serviceability in your area, compare with other ISPs, do your research, and thank us later.

Besides that, we are enlisting some hacks that can help you boost your Wi-Fi performance so you can enjoy your online experience without any interruptions. Try the following hacks to experience improved Wi-Fi connectivity and speed.

  1. Use The Latest Equipment

The hardware equipment you are using might be working fine. However, you have to look for the latest versions of the equipment you are using. If there are any latest versions available in the market, spending money on buying these is definitely worth it. This investment will help you use the same internet, but with a smoother experience worth every penny, you invested in the system. You have to keep in mind that your old hardware equipment will become useless for you. It will be a wise choice if you sell it at a lower price.

  1. Replace Your Antenna

For how long have you been using your antenna? If your answer is over 6 months, we recommend replacing it with a new one. In most cases, you will be using only an internal antenna. To boost your Wi-Fi speed, you can try attaching an external antenna and it will catch the Wi-Fi signals and will improve the signal strength.

In most cases, all of us use the antenna provided to us by our Internet Service Provider. We honestly do not recommend using them for many months as you will see a lot of better options available in the market. Antennas are not very expensive but they can significantly enhance your Wi-Fi signals.

With the technology innovations, Wi-Fi antennas or routers are becoming smarter day by day. In the past, a Wi-Fi router was given only one channel from where it can get the signals. Nowadays, modern Wi-Fi routers have multiple options to choose from. These routers automatically connect to the least overcrowded channel. It ensures that you use the internet through the best channel every time.

  1. Check Your Wired Connection

Internet Service Providers offer their internet services through a wired connection. If your Wi-Fi is not working, there might be an issue with the wired connection. Most of you might think of calling an expert to check the wired connection, but it is simpler than you think. All you need is to find the Ethernet cable to plug into your device (computer, laptop, etc.) directly with the modem. Make the connection only through the Ethernet port. If your device does not have an Ethernet port, you can use a USB to Ethernet Adapter. It is the best alternative to check if your connection has an internet connection. If not, then call the customer support of your ISP and they will guide you through.


We have shared some commonly used hacks to fix and boost the speed of your internet through Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can try restarting, changing the placement, and checking the hardware involved too. Otherwise, the customer service department can also guide you on some changes that might help boost the speed of the internet. If this is an occasional issue, get an expert to resolve this and check with other users if they are also facing similar issues. In case, they are, we would suggest you consider changing the internet if that is not delivering the promised internet speed.