How To Update jiofi and How To Download Latest Firmware.

If you are a jiofi user So this is a normal thing that you want to update your jiofi. It may be that you have faced trouble in your old firmware version. so you can easily update it. now I am going to share all the information with you and you can download the latest firmware version of JioFi to this page.



jiofi is the best hotspot device to use the high-speed internet in pc or phones.  If you want update firmware then I have shared the complete information in this article. It’s very easy to update it, you just have to download the latest firmware first And then it has to be upload in the JioFi.Local.Html dashboard



There are many benefits to updating this. There may be a lot of problem in your old firmware version. But updating the firmware will be fixed all jiofi problems. So I have shared the full information below. Read it carefully and follow it


What to do before updating ? 

  • Full charge JIOFI ( 100% )
  • Hard Reset to JIOFI
  • download stable firmware version for jiofi 2/jiofi 3
  • download backup jiofi firmware from jiofi.local.html dashboard

how to download jiofi firmware latest version and how to update it

It’s very easy to update as I mentioned above. there is a risk if you make a mistake in updating it, may dead jiofi. But I have given information on updating it. If you follow it then there is no chance of being dead.  Follow the information given below by step by step



first download jiofi firmware. you can download by clicking on the download button given below




And now open jiofi.local.html in your internet browser. and now click on setting and then firmware upgrade. And now by clicking on the browser, select the firmware file from your computer or mobile that will be in the Bin file. and then click on apply



After clicking on  Apply, the uploading will start and jiofi firmware will be updated in a few seconds.


NOTE: If you have faced any problems after updating this firmware then you can recover it from the backup file.


After updating, jiofi login password and jiofi password will default. You can connect jiofi with pc or phone with the default password. read this article for more information. >>> All about jiofi



In this article, I have shared full information about updating jiofi firmware.  I hope this article may have been helpful for you. For any questions related to jiofi firmware, you can contact us with the help of contact form. If the article is helpful then share it with your friends