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hello friends! In today’s world, everyone uses the Internet. According to the speed at which the Internet is growing, its users will soon be 5 billion. And Internet user in India is 500 million. After the jio Launch, there has been an increase in the number of internet users in India. Today I am going to share the reviews of jio Wi-Fi ( jiofi ) with you in this article. This is the Best wifi Router in India to use the High-Speed Internet on Computer, PC and 4G,3G,2G phones.

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I have been using jiofi from the past two years. And so far what I liked in jiofi and what was lacking in it would be shared in this article. this jiofi router is cheaper than all other routers. And its internet plans is also cheap. If there is a good jio network in your area So jiofi can be the best wifi router for you.


Reliance JioFi wi-fi router Review


This is the Best wifi Router in India to use the High-Speed Internet on Computer, PC and 4G,3G,2G phones. There are many wifi Routers available in India But if all of them are compared to this So it’s better than all. because of jiofi is cheaper than all Wifi router available in India. And its internet plan is also cheap. As I mentioned above, I have been using this router for 2 years. And if I talk about battery performance of this then its battery performance is good. In India, reliance jio is one of the largest telecom companies in today’s time. jio users in India are up to 150 million Of which 1 million jiofi users are.


jiofi is a 4G router with a jio Nano SIM card slot. Only 30 devices can be connected with jiofi. To manage its password and username, you can easily manage by jiofi.local.html opening it in your Internet browser. in it has 2300 mAh battery and it lasts 15, 16 hours on a fully charged battery. Battery performance is also dependent on the network. If the network is good, battery performance will be 15, 16 hours, and on less network battery performance 8, 9 hours.


Reliance jiofi wi-fi device specification.

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JioFi speed test and price, Wi-Fi performance

As we know this is a jio wifi device. And its speed depends on the JIO network. if the JIO network is full in your area, then its downloading speed will up to 150Mbps and uploading speed up to 100Mbps. The jio network is not too good in my area. But still, I get internet speed of 20, 30 Mbps up to I have checked my internet speed on I have given a screenshot below, you can see jiofi internet speed in my area.


jiofi speed test


By the way, the speed of the Internet of 20, 30 Mbps is too good, I can see the youtube videos in 1080p50 (full HD) without buffering in this Net Speed. You can understand that these internet speeds are very fast from 3G networks. jiofi signal strength is average, its signal range is up to 50 meters that not too good for big homes or offices. In my opinion, the company should increase jiofi signal strength range. If you want to keep it on the roof of the house then you put it inside a distance of 50 meters, so that you get a good signal strength.


If you want to buy it online, then I suggest you buy it from Amazon, you can get it in rs 999 from Amazon. Its value is rs 1149 but you can get it in 999 by a discount. You also check Flipkart for a discount.

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I hope you now have full information about jio hotspot device I have shared the complete information about jiofi in this article. You can tell us in the comments below for any information related to jiofi. and If you want to buy it, then you can buy it from the above link

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