How to check how many users are connected with Jiofi ( Lan info )

WiFi users must be use a strong passwords because if you using password like raju123 then anyone easily hack your WiFi and can steal your data. However, if you suspect that someone knows your password then you have an option that you can change your password. Although you have also another option that is you can check LAN info.  So, here we are going to share the method how you can check the LAN information of your JioFi.

How to check LAN info of JioFi

Actually local area network is called LAN in short term. A LAN is computer device group which is connected with a server that share data by wireless connection. Well, if you want to check how many users are connected with your WiFi. Then you can easily check that in LAN info option. If you don’t know how you can check LAN info then below i have shared full information regarding this.

Step : 1 

If your device is connected with jiofi then you have to open internet browser and type http://jiofi.local.html in url bar.

Step : 2 

Jiofi.local.html admin panel will open in your browser, now login with your login details. If you have not changed the login ID before, type “administrator” in both the username and password.

Step : 3 

Now you can check Lan info in Status >Lan info tab, under Lan client list. 



As we know jiofi is a one of the best router device and we can enjoy high speed internet with it. Well, in this article, i have shared information about how to check lan info of jiofi. If you have any query regarding jiofi or about lan you can let us know with help of comment section.