When Exactly Should I Change My Air Purifier Filters?

The simplest question yet finding its answer might bring your head to your knees if you do not have an appropriate guide!

Don’t worry. We will prove that this article is 99% appropriate for you to find the answer to when and how to change air purifier filters.

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So, we will begin with when you should change your air purifier’s filters and their lifespan?


When to change the air purifier’s filters?

Nowadays, as technology has progressed, even air purifiers indicate changing or cleaning the filters.

In older versions of the machines, there used to be no indications. It completely was dependent on you to change its filter time-to-time.

You have to remember the date you cleaned or changed your air purifiers’ filter. Don’t worry; we have some estimated time within which you should change or clean the filters.

To know about the estimated time, read the below information attentively!

The exact answer for ‘When Exactly Should I Change My Air Purifier Filters?’ depends on the air purifier you have with you. How?

Because there are multiple types of filters available in the hawk.

The lifespan of these filters depends on their type. So, first, we will see what type of air purifier filters are available. 

Let’s explore!

There are different types of filters, and they are listed below:

  • HEPA filters (The most used filter in air purifier)
  • Activated Carbon Filters 
  • Pre-Filters

Now let’s see what the difference between these filters is.

The HEPA filter

It is the most used filter in air purifiers. It has a long lifespan and traps 99% of pollutants present in your surroundings. 

The particles it soaks include smoke, pet hairs, mold spores, dust, pollen, and many more! The air purifiers having HEPA filters are mostly used in medical centers or places where high sanitization is required.

The Activated Carbon Filters

These filters are suitable for households. Carbon filters are the specialty of houses with pets.

Activated carbon soaks away odor from the air and also absorbs fumes. Despite absorbing odor, carbon cannot soak dust and particles that the HEPA filters do. 

Hence, only a carbon filter is not used. Mostly it is combined with a HEPA filter and then placed into the air purifier. 


Pre-filters are one of the best filters used in air purifiers. It is the filter that comes with a cover before the filter and also has a longer lifespan. 

In many models of different companies, the pre-filter comes with a shield of the filter that acts as another filter. You have to clean this shield regularly, and it also lessens the particles from directly sticking up into the main filter.

Now let’s see which filter requires cleaning after how much period.

Cleaning/Changing filter according to its type

As we had a discussion that the cleaning time according to different filters is different. Hence, here is the approximate or you can say the maximum lifespan of a filter.

  • If your air purifier is using a HEPA filter, clean or change it after 12 months. It can work around 8760 hours.
  • Same goes with an activated carbon + HEPA filter. You can clean it or change it after every 12 months. 
  • If using Pre-Filter, you have to clean it every 2 to 4 weeks. As it will get a thick coating of dust and other particles. So, cleaning is necessary.

How to change the filter in an air purifier?

Firstly, we would suggest that if your air purifier’s filter is washable or cleaned, go for it.

Changing the filter should always be the LAST OPTION! Why?

Because the process of finding a new and exact filter for your air purifier will be really hectic.

Go through the owner guide, and the steps of removing the filter will be mentioned. 

  • Unplug the appliance from the electricity supply.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the user manual.
  • Remove the filter from the inside and clean it first.
  • If cleaning is prohibited, find a new and exact match filter, fix it inside the air purifier, and screw back its parts. 
  • New filter will work perfectly now!

How to clean the filters? [If allowed!]

Mostly the HEPA filter is not worth cleaning and has to be replaced in 12 months.

Then comes the pre-filter and activated carbon filters. These both can be washed gently under running water and put some soap on them. Rub it with gentle hands or a soft brush.

Let them dry by themselves. Make sure before putting them back at their place, they are completely dry. Because a little moisture can damage the air purifier completely.

If moisture is prohibited, then clean them with a soft cloth and tapping around them with gentle fingers. 

Generally, cleaning filter steps are also mentioned in the user manual. Hence, always prefer to read the guide first and then follow the steps. Because these steps require proper precaution before performing.

Follow the instructions in the owner’s guide, as these instructions vary according to different models.

Ending thoughts

In the end, we would like to hear from you about any further doubt you have regarding when to change the filter in an air purifier. We will feel privileged to guide you with solutions to your further doubts. 

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